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CHRMIX001 [Jul. 11th, 2010|05:08 pm]
[mood |enthralledenthralled]


we love you
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2010|06:26 pm]
Too far away from the city
Some kids left on the road
They said we have a communist in the family
I had to wear a mask

Too far away from the city
We had to make this room
Fathers were football players, formal works, policemen
What the mothers did I didn't know

Music tonight
I just want your music tonight

I saw her body organ
She was laughing while pressing the keys
She said my favourite book was dirty and
'You shouldn't shout, you can read.'

Too far away from the city
We never heard its noise
We learned how to stay fit and things like
Green-tones hide the blush

Music tonight
I just want your music tonight
Music tonight
I just want your music tonight

Too far away from the city
We came to breathe clean air
Nature left a safe oasis
And the mothers walked towards the forest

Music tonight
I just want your music tonight
Music tonight
I just want your music tonight
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berlin +352uhr [Feb. 19th, 2010|04:12 am]
signing off. it's been awesome.

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berlin +338uhr [Feb. 18th, 2010|02:12 pm]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi]

He headed for the ATM in the back… he knew it was watching him as he walked up to it.
"Identify yourself, please." Lucky Dragon ATMs all had this same voice, a weird, uptight, strangled little castrato voice … probably kept people from standing around, [talking] with it… If you seriously tried to dick with one, drive a crowbar into the money slot, say, the thing would mist you and itself down with water and then electrify itself.
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berlin +318uhr [Feb. 17th, 2010|05:46 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |D'Angelo - Devil's Pie]

man, I finally get a good fire going and it's almost time to leave

coal heat would be awesome if you had a housemate who was always home

(who didn't mind constantly blackened hands, or who was OCD)
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berlin +265uhr [Feb. 15th, 2010|03:46 pm]
[music |Suede - Animal Nitrate]

Tiergarten, in winter, is both beautiful and monotonous, an endless maze of off-white paths on a white plane broken up by occasional sprays of dun foliage. Every now and then I'd come across a little splatter of bloody snow where I suppose some scurrying critter met its end. I'm pretty sure that shitty cameraphone pictures wouldn't have captured much of anything, so... tough.
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berlin +243uhr [Feb. 14th, 2010|03:19 pm]
untitledmx 14feb2010

Boards of Canada - Trapped
Nitzer Ebb - Shame
Slowdive - Some Velvet Morning
Xasthur - Masquerade of Incisions
Dome - Because We Must
Wire - I Should Have Known Better
Arthur Russell - That's Us / Wild Combination
The Internal Tulips - Fixed Confidence
Autechre - Silverside
Fever Ray - I'm Not Done
Burial - Etched Headplate
Bola - Forcasa 3
DJ Sprinkles - House Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own
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berlin +103uhr [Feb. 8th, 2010|07:18 pm]
The lame: I've got a bit of a cold. The good: I've more or less adapted to local time. Spent most of today lazing around at home, listening to a bunch of tunes Jon gave me for the trip and eating frozen pizza (classy!) I did leave the flat to go for a walk with Erika. Riding the U-Bahn home I saw an ad for Plus8 records (Speedy J! Ken Ishii!) and it didn't even seem particularly weird. One gets blasé quickly, here.

Now to make some soup and listen to the rest of this new autechre mix. Tschüs!

Update: partial tracklist for the above ae mix
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berlin +57uhr [Feb. 6th, 2010|09:14 pm]
[mood |ditzyditzy]

Well, that was certainly a full day. Went shopping for an audio cable so I could rock the tunes at my flat (the guy who owns it, Keith, "doesn't know electronics"). Felt very proud of myself for finding a place to buy one (Conrad, which is alarmingly Fry's-esque) and navigating there on the U-Bahn without a hitch. I frittered away the rest of the afternoon making an omelette, drinking cheap Bordeaux, and listening to Xasthur.

Spent the early evening hanging out with a friend-of-a-friend who just moved here 3 weeks ago; we met up at an art gallery in Mitte and bar-hopped a bit. Around midnight we parted ways and I headed to Berghain to see Moodyman. The queue at the door was epic. I waited about an hour, very very very glad I was wearing wool socks. A group of drunken Scots in front of me provided entertainment until they bailed out about 40 minutes in.

Moodyman was fucking amazing; at the end of his 3-hour set he got on the mic and said (paraphrased) "If I weren't here in Berlin I'd have been doing exactly this in Detroit. This set was for all of you over 30 -- everything I played was recorded in the 80's." Normally the stuff played in Berghain is pounding, technically good but soul-lacking techno; this was pretty much the opposite (though he played some amazing early jack tracks that make modern minimal techno seem weak).

I staggered out a little after 6 and managed to navigate my way home. Then I slept for 12 hours. Now it's night, time to caffeinate, do some grocery shopping ('cuz you can't do that on Sunday), and then head to WMF for the Transmediale finale.
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berlin +22uhr [Feb. 5th, 2010|10:33 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]

It's a sunny morning. Somehow I managed to sleep through the night (thanks, Diphenhydramine!) and prised my ass out of bed around 8 AM. I woke up fully clothed, not so much because I passed out unexpectedly as because it's freaking cold in this flat: the main heat sources are a few coal-fired stoves, and I'm only using the one in the living room so far. I may just drag the spare mattress into the living room and sleep there. There's something weirdly comforting about waking up and starting a fire: urban-camping-core.

Once I got my eyelids ungummed I went for a little walk to Viktoriapark and back. It's pretty! There's a pretty thick layer of ice everywhere -- I'm sure I'll wipe out eventually, but so far, so good.

Little else to report so far. My flights were uneventful, though one thing that struck me flying from Paris to Berlin was the density of jet contrails. Flying over the US, it being big and all, you hardly ever evidence of another plane until you get near an airport, but here there was a continuous web of white lines. Chemtrails! Netzwerk Europa!
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